Friday, July 8, 2011

Here We Go Again.....

By popular request, The Village Blog has been brought back. If you have any topics or additions to this blog, please let me know. One of The Village regulars (zippyrn) has been working on a drawing of The Village, he was kind enough to share this link......
So get with zippyrn if you would like something added to that artwork.

We are getting very close to the 3 year mark when I first set foot in The Village.
Thanks McCoyEVP for allowing me to shape The Village into something we all dearly love.

Until next time, MeMe44


  1. BJBinty said...

    Goodbye village, I loves the true regs of the village but can no longer feel comfortable in my home, thanx to the newbreed of *regs* the village is no longer the place for me. Meme good luck I know Ive been here longer than you and through our friendship and your leadership we made the village the best room to be a member of but now its time for me to move on. Seeing my friends victimised and harassed to the point they wont hang in the village is the final nail,
    goodbye to the ones that care, this is BJB closing the door on village life.